Newbies’ Guide to Easy Niche Product Creation

Creating a profitable niche product is the most difficult part for any newbie. Before I decided to create my first product, I used to think that I must have excellent language and writing skills, not to mention an in-depth knowledge of the chosen niche. When I finally gather enough courage to write my first ebook, I started spending a lot of time to research on the topic of niche products creation. I want to know how some ebook publishers can chunk out product after product easily in a very short time frame, while others find it so difficult even after they have stumbled upon a great niche idea. What I have found out is quite an eye opener for me. It it not as difficult as it seems to create a niche product! Want to know how?

Here are some of the methods which successful publishers use:

Ghostwriters are perfect answer to marketers who have great profitable ideas but simply do not have the time or lack the skills to write a book on their own. A ghostwriter researches, writes, edits on behalf of their clients. They turn their client’s ideas into a polished masterpiece and you take the credit for their hardwork. To save themselves time, many successful gurus hire ghostwriters to write on their behalf. However, hiring ghostwriters can be very costly. If you are interested to use a ghostwriter, head over to or You can post your project and choose the ghostwriter which suits your budget and needs.

Resale Rights Products
Selling products with resale rights is one of the fastest ways to start your niche business. Most resale rights products comes with a ready made sales letter. What you need to do after you purchase a product with resale rights is edit your payment details, add in your name and upload to your server. Resale rights products can be purchased in large quantity with very cheap price.

Private Lable Rights(PLR)
PLR products are very hot right now. A PLR product allows you to put your name on the product and be an instant writer/publisher. A PLR product allows you to edit and use it in anyway you like. PLR products usually comes with a hefty price tag as you pay for the unrestricted rights to the product.

Public Domains
Many marketers are known to make fortunes selling Public domain products. Any product in the public domains are free to use as its copyright has expired or not renewed. The best thing about this is it is completely free. You just need to take some time to explore the wide range of the books in the public domain and pick up the gem. One great source for public domain products is Project Gutenberg.

Improving an existing product.
Most of the products in the market are modifications or improvement of an existing product. Some savvy marketers takes a relatively unknown product, create a USP (unique selling point) and modify the product accordingly, and instantly create a best seller. Another variation of this method is to combine several ideas into one and give it a new angle as a selling point.

Compilation of interviews or articles from experts in the niche
Many marketers use this method with success. People are interested to learn from experts and hear what they got to say. What you can do is do a search on your niche, find the experts, email them that you wish to interview them and give them a list of questions you want them to answer. Not all experts will grant you the interview. But if you tell them that the interview will give them free exposure to their websites or services, you may get more positive answers. Some may even do it for free. When you get the answers to your interviews, simply compile them and write an introduction and conclusion and you got yourself a hot product!

Online Surveys and Forums
This is a great way to find out what answers people in your niche is looking for. Simply set up an online survey and invite people to answer them. Usually many people will respond the surveys related to their problems as they feel some one is listening to their problem and their opinion matters. You can then take the answers you got and organise them, add some of your own research ideas, and you got yourself a product. Online forums and groups are also great resources for great information on your chosen niche.

Be your own expert
This is the good fashion way of writing the ebook yourself. If you have specialized knowledge in a particular area which has high demand, then it is easier for you to write something which you are familiar with. But, what if you don’t know anything about your chosen niche? Don’t fret. With the internet, you can learn how to be an expert in ways easier than you think. Simply research and read up as much as possible on your niche, combine and organise the ideas, then rewrite it using your thoughts and words. With this method, even you have zero knowledge on your niche, you have no choice but be an expert.

There you have it! Some fast and easy ways to create your niche products. This list is not exhaustive. You can choose a methods which suits you most, or use a combination of various methods. There are other some lesser known but effective ways. That would be for the next article!