What are Private Label Rights Products?

Products that come with private label rights let you profit
from other peoples work. They give you the raw product, let
you change it, add to it and claim it as your own!

You can make all the modifications to the content that you
wish. You can include as many links as you want, add
graphics or new content. Even edit the existing content.
And after all these changes you can place Your Name on it
and market it as your own.

To prevent selling the same thing as everyone else
customization is required. Most sites will have it as part
of their terms of service that changes must be made before
you can market the product as yours anyway.

What can you do with PLR products?

The first and most important thing to remember and I can’t
state this enough, is always check the terms of service on
the website where you get the products from. That will tell
you exactly what you can and can’t do with the products.

Another thing you need to take into account is the type of
PLR product you have to work with. Is it code for a website
script? Source code for a program, an ebook or content?

And finally you need to know what you yourself can do. Do
you have the knowledge or time to make the necessary
changes to make the product yours or will you need to hire
someone to do that for you?

If you are dealing with programs or scripts you can make
some changes and add some features and resell them as your
own creation.

You can really do a lot of things though with PLR content.
You can take a PLR ebook and add your favorite affiliate
links to it, add your own content or edit the existing
content and repackage it as your own product to sell or
give away.

You can break up some ebooks and create niche minisites. If
its articles you can create a website as well with those or
combine a few to create your own niche autoresponder series.

Combine a few articles on a similar subject to create your
own ebook then sell it or give it away. You can even use
the content for you newsletters.

There are lots of possibilities to use PLR products. I just
mentioned the most popular uses but I’m sure there are
people using the content in ways that I haven’t even
thought of.

That is the best thing about PLR products is you can do
almost anything with them. They are a great resource to
have as part of your marketing arsenal.